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Yin Yoga

A slow and simple seated practice with long holds in passive poses. But simple doesn't mean easy.  In our fast-paced world who has time to sit still?

Yin Yoga is designed to go deep into the body; targeting joints, fascia and connective tissue.  By applying a gentle, healthy stress to our joints and a mindful stretch to our connective tissues, Yin Yoga can help hydrate and mobilise our bodies, slowing the ageing process.

'be still, be present, and create space in body and mind.'

Yin Yoga doesn't only affect the physical body; it's common to experience a range of emotions as your practice. Yin Yoga can help release repressed or stored emotions, and you may feel much lighter, clearer and more relaxed at the end of a class. 

Hatha Yoga

A traditional Hatha Yoga class encompasses seated, standing and balance poses, in addition to breath work (pranayama) and a period of meditation.

My Hatha Yoga classes are suitable for all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of experience.  The use of yoga props is encouraged, as is a sense of fun and self-acceptance.

It's your body and your practice!

A regular yoga practice can help build muscle strength and bone density, increase flexibility, improve sleep, lower stress and boost cognitive function. That's a whole lot of happy!

Classes in the East Neuk coming soon!



Meditation offers so many benefits to our wellbeing but it can be a hard practice to establish.  If you struggle to keep your mind from wandering (and your legs from going to sleep) you're not alone.

We have thousands of thoughts a day.  Most concern what was (the past) or what might be (the future), and have little real value to us in the present moment.

 Learning how to be fully present takes practice but there are many ways to do it.

And the benefits?

An enhanced sense of wellbeing, greater self-awareness, improved sleep, better focus, reduced stress, anxiety and low mood, more compassion.....the list goes on...

Drop me a line if you'd like to learn more

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